About Us

Welcome to Clubland

 As a working mum myself I know what it’s like to juggle work commitments with those of the home and family. When I had my eldest child, I knew it was a necessity for me to work for my own mental well-being and career development as well as for the financial support of our family, but I wanted reassurance that my daughter was having fun wherever she was cared for.

That’s why I set up Clubland. I wanted to offer wraparound childcare at an affordable price where children were in a familiar, safe environment and cared for by committed and passionate staff. Where they could play with their friends whilst engaging in a variety of activities, so much so that they wouldn’t want to go home!

Clubland is now over 25 years old and over the years many of our children have returned either as a parent themselves or become part of our staff team. Our staff often say:

“I have fond memories of attending Clubland as a child and I want to be part of creating good memories for other children.”

My own children attended as children and returned as members of staff when they were old enough and now my eldest, Emily, has joined us as Deputy Director, keeping this a family business. She was our first attendee back in 1996(!) and has seen Clubland grow and adapt throughout the years to meet the demand and needs of both parents and children.

As well as running Clubland, I also lectured and assessed in Playwork qualifications and have used these experiences to shape and form Clubland into the successful, well-established wraparound care provider that we are today, assisted by a very committed and enthusiastic staff team.

 Karen Fitzwater,

Founder and Company Director of Clubland

Our Mission

We want children to have fun, learn new skills and develop socially and emotionally whilst in a safe and nurturing environment, being cared for by experienced and passionate staff. And we want parents to relax, safe in the knowledge that their child is happy and safe whilst they’re in our care.

Why book with us?

  •  Our childcare is affordable and reliable.
  • All activities and a light snack are included in the price.
  • We have a wide range of play equipment and resources suitable for all ages.
  • Your child will develop skills and enjoy new experiences.
  • You can book online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can secure your childcare for the full academic year, or just book as and when you need it.
  • Except for Christmas we are open during every school holiday.
  • Your child will feel comfortable as we’re based in a familiar place to them.
  • Our staff are experienced, engaging and passionate and we provide comprehensive training.
  • We’re registered with Ofsted and continuously receive good inspections.
  • We are committed to growing and adapting to the needs of our children and their parents.

What do the children do?

Clubland is based on good old fashioned play values. It’s amazing how much fun children can have with a lone cricket stump and a skipping rope... couple this with a bit of dressing up, the freedom to run around, and some imaginative mates - the world is their oyster.

This is the place where children can indulge in all the messy play that we as parents don’t want at home. Leave the painting, playdough and clay to us and avoid the paint splashes up the walls and gunk trodden in your carpets!

Your children will come home exhausted but exhilarated from all the outside play. As well as honing their gross motor skills on equipment such as swingball, cricket, football, and skipping, they’ll also develop their social and emotional skills and engage in other play types when playing playground games such as tag, cops and robbers or chasing after dragons with their friends. Of course, their favourite past-time is to try and mow down the teachers on the Didicars as they try to cross the playground!

Children who aren’t into action led activities will be kept busy and entertained with our wide range of toys - from construction to dolls houses, there’s something to suit everyone. Our role play areas will keep their imagination alive, the art table will help hone their creativity and they can test their brain power with board games and puzzles.

Every day they’ll have the opportunity to do some cookery or take part in an art and craft activity – often themed around seasons or cultural holidays, these activities will help children develop their fine motor skills as well as expand their knowledge and understanding of the world.