Welcome to Epic Explorers!

 (Reception to age 7)

Welcome to Epic Explorers, where young adventurers embark on exciting journeys every day! Designed for children in Reception up to age 7, this programme offers a vibrant mix of fun, learning, and creativity. Our aim is to create a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore new activities, make friends, and have a blast during their holidays.
Our programme appeals to both boys and girls, young or old, the bold and the shy, those who like making, those who like baking and those who like to play until they drop! The children have free reign on what they choose to do - we just want them to have fun!

What can your child expect?

At Epic Explorers, each day is a new adventure. We plan our activities around a weekly theme that captivates the imagination of all children. From arts and crafts to cooking and sports, our diverse programme ensures there’s something for everyone. 
Here’s what a typical week might include:
  • Creative Arts and Crafts: From painting and drawing to crafting and building, our activities are designed to enhance fine motor skills and encourage creative expression.
  • Mini Chefs: Hands-on cooking and baking sessions where children can make and taste their own creations.
  • Outdoor Adventures: We love the great outdoors! Children will enjoy games, scavenger hunts, nature walks, and playground fun - promoting physical activity and teamwork.
  • Interactive Play: Our activities are tailored to encourage imaginative play and social interaction. From storytelling and puppet shows to dress-up and role-playing, every day brings new opportunities for creativity.
  • Themed Days: Special days dedicated to pirates, dinosaurs, space adventures, and more. Fancy dress is highly encouraged!
  • Free Play Time: Free play sessions with a variety of toys and games, fostering social skills and creativity. Whether they prefer building with blocks, creating art, engaging in imaginative role-play, or participating in sports and games, the choice is entirely theirs.
  • Special Trips: Excursions to local parks, museums, or other exciting destinations, broadening the children’s horizons and providing new experiences.

Epic Explorers sample programme:


Epic Explorers Sample Programme (Double-Sided Poster (A3 Landscape)) (1)

Join us at Epic Explorers for a summer full of discovery, laughter, and new friendships!

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