Admissions Policy

Afterschool Clubland Playscheme Limited is open to all children attending our associated schools and children attending neighbouring schools with the permission of the Head Teacher. Children aged 4 years can attend providing that they are rising 5 that academic year.

Admissions are on a first come basis; however, priority will be given in order of:

  • Siblings of children already attending Clubland
  • Children identified as in need.
  • Children attending the school where we are based.

Briefing meetings can be arranged with parents/carers before their children’s admission, and a visit to the setting is encouraged to ensure a smooth transition. Our registration form requests personal details pertaining to the child, Parents/guardians contact details, parental responsibility, permissions, and a section about the child’s play preferences so that we can meet the needs of the child.

The policies are updated at least once a year. Once a child has been allocated a place, the Parent/Guardian is sent a ‘Welcome letter’ via email. This letter will confirm the days requested, details of the child’s ‘Key Person’, drop off and collection procedures, payments details and reference to our cancellation policy.

In the event of an unforeseen closure which is beyond our control, such as flooding or snow days, parents/carers will be invoiced 50% as we will continue to pay staff.

If a child is off sick/on holiday, parents/carers will be invoiced, as the setting is staffed for the number of children booked.

If we are unable to offer a child a place at the current time, we will confirm that the child has been placed on the waiting list, this is on a first come basis on accordance with our admissions policy.

In accordance with our Ofsted requirements, Parents/Guardians will be asked to update their registration form each May for the next academic year to secure a place for their child and to ensure that all our information concerning their child is up to date.