Arrival & Departure Policy

Daily Registration System

Children’s arrival and departure times are recorded on the daily register. The information recorded includes Child’s class, full name, time of arrival and time of departure. The purpose of retaining this information is to ensure the safety of the children and users in terms of fire and safeguarding concerns.

All schools have slightly different handovers, but generally either Clubland staff collect Key stage 1 (reception, Years 1 & 2) children or they are handed over to us by school teaching staff. Whereas Key stage 2 children (years 3,4,5 & 6) make their own way to the setting and are registered by the staff with the exception of Claygate Primary School, where the ‘junior’ children sign themselves in and this is checked by a member of staff within 10 minutes into the session and countersigned by the member of staff. The ‘signing out’ of the register is also overseen to ensure that the correct person collects the child, that the child has been signed out correctly and the child does not leave the premises unsupervised. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure the registers are correctly maintained.

If a person collecting is unknown to staff, they will ask them for the ‘password’ which parents nominated on their child’s registration form. If they are unable to provide this information we will ask for identification and then seek clarification from the usual collector/parent before releasing the child.

At the end of each session the registers are filed in a locked cupboard.

Children attending school clubs

If a child is to attend a school club prior to attending Clubland, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the setting and school of the afterschool care arrangements. This will allow us to liaise with the person running the club to ensure a smooth handover of the child.

Children being collected by persons under the age of 18 years or walking home alone.

If parents require a sibling or young person to collect their child on their behalf, then we require written notification. This can be contained on the child’s registration form; it must detail their age and this must be updated annually or before if the permission ceases. Whilst we are reluctant to allow children to walk home alone, we realize that they are preparing for secondary school. To ensure that safe measures are put in place we would advocate a time that they are due to depart from the setting and call parents when they reach their destination. Once again, we would require this authority, in advance and in writing.

Registration for Outings

We take a separate register for children who are present on outings and the register is taken at various points of the journey to ensure all participants welfare. During outings, registration forms will always be kept with the supervisor and stored in accordance with our procedures when the children return to the setting.


All visitors on arrival will be asked for identification and the purpose of their visit which will be recorded in the visitor’s book, which will be cosigned by the Supervisor. The visitor will be given a badge to wear for the duration of their stay and on leaving they will be asked to sign out and return the badge.

Registration forms

When joining Clubland, all parents are asked to complete the following documentation to complete our registration process: a ‘registration form’ which contains all the child’s personal details, ‘permission’ and ‘request for sessions’ and an ‘all about me’ information sheet. This information is entered onto our database which is stored on our server and has restricted access and complies with the GDPR. The hard copy is stored at the child’s setting in their personal file, which is stored in a locked cupboard and access is only granted to senior staff and parents in accordance with the Confidentiality Act.

Registration forms are updated annually at the end of each academic year and parents are encouraged to inform us of any changes which will affect the information we hold on their child throughout the academic year.