Children’s Activities Policy

Children’s Play Activities

We have a wide selection of toys and equipment to meet the children’s play needs according to their age and stage of development, represented in 16 different play types. Our equipment supports and values many cultures and abilities.

We also provide games and materials aimed at supporting children’s language and mathematical skills and development. There are opportunities for children to engage in physical, imaginative, discovery and relaxing play to name a few and we ensure that our play spaces provide the correct atmosphere for a play and learning environment.

The equipment is freely accessible to the children and clearly labelled with pictures and they are encouraged to help themselves ensuring that play is child directed and child led. In addition, a book containing pictures of equipment is available to enable children to choose from if some equipment is stored away. For health & safety reasons children are not allowed to play on their own scooters, bikes etc as we cannot maintain the equipment. The children are encouraged to tidy up after themselves as we feel this is a valuable life skill.

We ensure that each child’s likes and play preferences are considered within each session, so they gain the most out of their experience. They can play inside and out and to partake in active play or quiet/relaxing play. The children are encouraged to initiate their own play to coincide with the child centred environment; however following the ‘Playwork Principles’ staff will engage in games and activities if invited to by the child or will choose an appropriate intervention style to ensure that play can continue or be extended.

Parents are updated on their child’s experiences at collection time and we endeavour to build positive relationships between parents and staff.

Club rules are established with the children and they are clear on the boundaries and behaviour expected of them. They are rewarded with positive praise and each setting has its own unique reward system such as a star chart, reward jar or board to celebrate positive behaviour

Planning and recording

The staff, with the help of the children devise a plan for weekly adult led activities. These activities may reflect themes that children are studying at school or relating to seasons, festivals or topics and these will be detailed on the plan. The plan is displayed on the notice board for the children & Parents/Carers to view and the Supervisor explains the activity to the children on daily basis. However, if on the day the children do not wish to be involved or prefer to do something else then the Playworkers are flexible and go along with the children’s suggestions, provided we have the resources to hand.

A more detailed planning structure is available to the staff so that they can set up the room each session and are aware of the purpose of offering such play opportunities.

We encourage parent and School to share children’s Individual Learning plan with us so we can observe the children’s development and plan activities to support this. We record any significant improvements and share this with the teachers on a termly basis.