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Holiday Club News - February Half Term 2024

22nd February 2024

Dear Parents and Carers

We trust that you had a fantastic half term. Over here, at Clubland, ours was nothing short of amazing! Our Holiday Club was brimming with a delightful array of activities that catered to every child's interest, making it a truly memorable experience for all.

Our dedicated team of managers and playworkers went above and beyond to ensure that every moment was filled with excitement and creativity. From arts and crafts that sparked the imagination to whipping up delectable treats in the kitchen, there was never a dull moment at Holiday Club.

Our activities 

Our theme for the week was 'Polar Explorers,' where we embarked on a cool journey into the Arctic, discovering the wonders of frosty landscapes and icy adventures. Our little adventurers had a great time creating their own Playful Polar Bears, Plump Penguins, and Twinkling Snowflakes through various arts and crafts activities.

"The children building an igloo with, Isabelle, was a standout moment at the Holiday Club. The children's excitement as they added their personal touch to the igloo was heart-warming. The atmosphere, at the club, is always filled with fun and excitement, creating unforgettable memories." 

Sally, Playscheme Manager

And of course, what's an adventure without a little treat? Our cookery activities included delightful Snowmen Hot Chocolate, Arctic Fox Cookies, and even Northern Lights on toast. These tasty treats added a delicious touch to our explorations, making our Polar Explorer week even more memorable.




Our day trips

Our exploring didn't stop on site! On Thursday, we headed out on an exciting trip, taking the older children to Woking where we had some high energy fun. Picture this: two rounds of intense Laser Quest, zapping and dodging through the neon-lit maze, followed by a couple of games of bowling where the competition really heated up. It was laughter non-stop and the children had an absolute blast! Trust me, you don't want to miss out on our next adventure!

For our young explorers, we planned an enchanting day filled with wonder and excitement on the Friday. They had the opportunity to visit the Lookout Discovery Centre and immerse themselves in hands-on exhibits, engage with interactive zones that sparked their curiosity, and explore the great outdoors. From interactive science displays and outdoor games, every moment was a chance for discovery and learning. 

The trips were an absolute delight for everyone involved - the children had a blast, and the staff couldn't help but smile as they watched their faces light up with joy.

"The Holiday Club experience brings so much joy, especially when I see familiar faces of children who return year after year, creating new friendships and cherishing old ones. The energy and excitement of the children engaging in arts, crafts, and cooking activities is truly infectious and the joy on their faces as they danced and sang at the disco was truly great."

Isabelle, Deputy Manager


"It was wonderful to reunite with familiar faces at this Holiday Club and to welcome new friends into our community. One of the highlights of the week was witnessing the blossoming of new friendships among the children. Every day was special in its own way, as we revelled in the joy of seeing children laughing, creating, dancing, and simply having a great time."

Andreja, Playscheme Manager

We can't wait for our Easter Barnyard Bonanza Holiday Club, and spots are filling up fast! The programme details and trip information are now available online. For those early birds who love to plan ahead, bookings for May Half Term and the Summer Holidays are also open!

Thank you for being part of our Holiday Club Family.

The Clubland Holiday Club Team