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Long Ditton Infant School News - Early Spring 2024

14th February 2024


To our Long Ditton Infant Families,

It has been a productive term at Clubland Long Ditton Infant School. We are pleased to have welcomed everyone back, fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Throughout the term, a variety of engaging activities were undertaken, contributing to a dynamic learning environment.

The children have been immersed in a world of discovery and fun. From creative and engaging activities, learning has been anything but ordinary. We're so proud of the enthusiasm the children bring to each session.

Our activities 

January was a bustling month for us at Clubland. We made the most of the great outdoors, spending plenty of time on the football pitch, trim trail, and playground. Our winter craft activities sparked our creativity as we crafted paper polar bears, snowmen, snow owls, snowflakes, penguins, and paper mittens. Our playtime was filled with excitement as we explored our new toys, including Barbies, Transformers, a collection of My Little Ponies, and a wooden train set. We engaged in various games, such as football, the 'Colour Eliminator' and hoop games. Our little bookworms couldn't get enough of the dinosaur and snake books, and we showcased our impressive dance moves on the dance floor.

Children’s mental health is a topic of utmost importance at Clubland Long Ditton Infant School. The theme for this year's Children's Mental Health week is 'My Voice Matters' and we have been actively engaging our little ones in various activities to promote their emotional well-being. During Children’s Mental Health Week, we organized a range of activities that were not only fun but also helped our children understand and express their feelings using their voices.

One of the activities we did was making worry dolls. These small, handmade dolls are believed to take away worries and anxieties when placed under a pillow at night. By creating their own worry dolls, our children learned about the importance of acknowledging and addressing their worries, while also developing their creativity and fine motor skills.

To encourage our children to express their emotions, we took part an  "How do I feel" emoji activity. This involved providing them with a range of emoji faces and asking them to identify and discuss different emotions. This activity helped our children become more aware of their own emotions and develop empathy towards others by recognizing and understanding different feelings.

Mindfulness colouring was another activity that proved to be a hit among our children. Engaging in mindful colouring not only allowed them to explore their creativity but also helped them relax and focus their attention on the present moment. We provided them with colouring sheets and encouraged them to choose colours mindfully, paying attention to the sensations and emotions that arose during the colouring process.

In addition to these mental health activities, we also celebrated Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year at Clubland Long Ditton Infant School. Our children had a blast creating personalized Valentine's Day cards for their loved ones.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we engaged our children in a dragon craft activity, where they used their imagination and creativity to design and decorate their own paper dragons. This activity not only introduced them to Chinese culture but also allowed them to express their artistic abilities.

New Staff Members to the Clubland team 

We're excited to welcome two new awesome team members to Clubland at Long Ditton!

Leonardo's passion for football has brought a lot of energy to the staff team, and the kids are really enjoying having him around. Leo is from Italy, and it's been a fun opportunity for everyone to practice some basic Italian with him. The cultural exchange has added a nice touch to our daily interactions, making the atmosphere more diverse and engaging. We're looking forward to continuing this positive experience and appreciate the unique perspectives Leo brings to the team.

Alex has been injecting a ton of creativity and fun into our sessions, and the kids are loving it.  In no time, she's become the go-to person for fun ideas and laughter. We're lucky to have her on board, and I know her energy will keep making our sessions even better. So, here's to Alex and the great times ahead!

A warm welcome to both Leo and Alex from everyone at Clubland!🖐️

Our latest achievement 

We are excited to share the wonderful news that we recently had a visit from Elmbridge Borough Council to inspect our facilities for food hygiene standards. The result of the inspection was an outstanding 5-star rating, and we are over the moon with joy! This accomplishment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in our food preparation areas.  

Dates for your diary

  • 12-16 February - February Half Term Holiday Club at Claygate Primary School
  • 13 February - Pancake day 
  • 14 February - Valentines day 
  • 19 February - First day back after half term, afterschool club open as normal
  • 27 March - Last afterschool club before Easter (No afterschool club on 28th due to early school finish) 
  • 7 March - World Book Day
  • 2-12 April - Easter Holiday Club at Claygate Primary School

We wish you all a enjoyable half term and look forward to start the second spring term of fun.

From Andreja and the team at Long Ditton Infant School