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Spectacular Summer Trips for 2023

5th July 2023

We've got some amazing trips running over the Summer holidays in 2023. Here are all the details...

Out'n'About: Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory

Wednesday 26 July - For 8-12 year olds - Extra Cost £13

A wonderful opportunity for 8-12 year olds interested in chocolate and hands-on experiences. The 'Mini Chocolatier Workshop' at Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory allows children to create personalized chocolate bars and explore different flavors, unleashing their creativity and immersing themselves in the art of being a mini chocolatier. They will learn about the chocolate-making process and the craftsmanship behind it. Please note there is an extra cost of £13 associated with this workshop. 

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Out'n'About: Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

Wednesday 2 August - For 8-12 year olds - Extra Cost £13.50

 An immersive experience for 8-12 year olds! The Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium offers interactive exhibits, science demonstrations, and hands-on activities for children to learn in a fun and engaging way. There is also the option to explore the Bio space nature zones, complementing the scientific exhibits. Note: Extra cost of £13.50 for the trip. It's a worthwhile investment for an educational and entertaining experience with potential for big explosions and hands-on science.

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Out'n'About: Alice Holt Forest

Wednesday 9 August - For 8-12 year olds - Extra Cost £10

Alice Holt Forest offers a variety of trails, play areas, structures, and exciting experiences for just £10. Highlights include searching for forest fairies, enjoying fun play areas, and exploring the Habitat Trail with impressive wooden play sculptures and a fascinating array of forest creatures.

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Out'n'About: Paddleboarding

Wednesday 16 August - For 8-12 year olds - Extra Cost £24

Paddle boarding is an exciting and fun activity for kids, improving balance and coordination. The experienced trainers will guide the children as they paddle up the Thames River, providing instruction on paddle boarding techniques in a safe environment. The activity also includes fun games on the water to see who can stay the driest. It's a memorable experience for kids to learn a new skill, have fun, and enjoy the beauty of the Thames River.

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Out'n'About: Fishers Farm Adventure Park

Wednesday 23 August - For 8-12 year olds - Extra Cost £18

Fishers Farm Adventure Park offers a wide range of activities for children, including an indoor soft play area, diverse farm animals, exciting rides, live animal encounters, indoor play facilities, theatre shows, and an outdoor splash park. It provides a comprehensive and enjoyable day out for children with educational and recreational activities in a lively environment.

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Stay'n'Play: Priory Farm Park

Friday 25 August - For 4-11 year olds - Extra Cost £8

Priory Farm Park offers an exciting and educational experience for children aged 4-11. This summer, they can explore Discovery Land and learn about nature's secrets and the importance of growing seeds. The adventure starts in the woods, visiting Timber's new treetop home and crossing a wibbly wobbly bridge to Fern's house. They'll also get to explore the fairy city and encounter hungry fish by the lake. Please note there is an extra cost of £8 for this activity.

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