Complaints Policy

Concerns, Compliments & Complaints Policy


Clubland aims to provide a high quality, safe, stimulating, and consistent provision for all our children.

Complaints and Concerns

If a parent/carer has a complaint we would ask that they speak directly with the setting Playscheme Manager try and resolve the issue with an informal discussion with the person involved in the situation. Alternatively, the complaint can be made in writing via email to

Upon receiving a complaint we will investigate and respond accordingly within 21 days of receiving the complaint. The details of the complaint and response will be held on record at head office and used as a means of improving our service. The written document of the complaint will include:

  • The nature of the complaint
  • The action taken initially
  • Any action taken later
  • The person responsible for investigating
  • The timescale
  • A review of the effectiveness of the action taken

The complaint will be responded with a telephone call, letter, email, or a meeting; whichever means we feel is an appropriate manner to deal with the situation. The complaint will be shared with the setting manager and other staff involved and will be retained for a period of 3 years or until our next inspection whichever is the shortest.

If the parent is not satisfied with how the complaint has been handled, one can pursue a complaint with Ofsted at:

The National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate, Store Street
Manchester M1 2WD

If any complaints or concerns made have any child protection implications, then we will follow our safeguarding policy and the ‘Surrey Safeguarding Children Board’ guidelines.

It is our policy at Clubland to be very open with parents and to be very honest and direct about any incidents that have occurred with their child whilst they have been in our care, no matter how trivial.


Compliments are recorded in writing and filed at head office in the relevant Settings folder. A copy of this compliment is taken to the relevant setting to be shared with the staff at the setting.

Each setting has a Suggestions book/box which is accessible to parents and children to help Clubland continuously improve our practice.

Children’s Act Regulation

Settings must investigate complaints made in writing or in electronic form from parents/carers where these relate to one or more welfare requirements. We must provide the parent/carer with an account of the findings within 28 days.