Confidential Policy

At Clubland Playscheme Ltd, we ensure that all information held on the children, parents or staff members is kept confidential and shared only with the appropriate persons. The information recorded on our registration process is uploaded onto our database which is accessed via a protected server in-line with the GDPR regulation.

Hard copies are stored on site in locked facilities and only made available to relevant staff, parents, and outside agencies when appropriate (in cases of Safeguarding).

Types of records that are kept at the setting are:

Children’s Registration Forms

These forms are in line with the Children’s Act regulations and detail:

  • Child’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Name of parent with parental responsibility, or legal contact only and parent/guardians contact details
  • Shared care arrangements
  • Additional emergency contacts with passwords if appropriate
  • Special needs, cultural or dietary needs
  • Medical information
  • Ethnicity and religion
  • Information relating to the child’s play preferences, the child’s likes and dislikes, home set up, hobbies etc, which provide us with an understanding of the child’s play preferences and play needs and helps us inform our planning.
  • Permissions: ranging from permission to administer medication to travelling in a Company Vehicle.

Registration forms may be accessed by staff, the parent/carer with parental & legal responsibility for the child and outside agencies such as Ofsted and Early Years.

Accident/Incident forms

These records detail every accident that occurs at the setting and are filed with a child’s personal file for regular reviewing for Health & Safety, Child Protection, and risk assessments.

When a child leaves Clubland, their Accident records are transferred to head office for safe keeping. They file is digitally stored on our secure server which has firewalls and password protected. At the age of 22 years the child’s file will be shredded.

Information on staff is kept secure at the head office with access given only to the Company Director, line managers and administrators. The confidentiality procedure does not apply in the case of a child protection issue where this information will be shared with the relevant agencies.

At induction, new staff members are informed that when discussing children, confidentiality should take priority, particularly when talking to parents and other staff members and they are required as part of their employment to sign a confidentiality statement.