E-Safety Policy

At Clubland Playscheme Ltd the children have access to technology; dependent upon the setting this can include use of the schools ICT suites or Clubland’s ‘tablets’.

The children’s ‘tablets’ have downloaded apps that are age appropriate and the content of them is checked by the supervisor before the children are allowed to access them. The tablets are password protected, kept in aeroplane mode and the children do not have access to the internet. The use of the tablets is monitored by staff members and the children are allowed 10 minute time slots on them throughout the session.

In some of our settings the children are able to have access to the school’s ICT suite. They use their school log on details for the computers or specifically designed log in for Clubland. The computers have internet filters, which stops the children accessing anything inappropriate for them. The computer network is maintained by the school in line with their own e-learning policy. When the children are using the ICT suite they are supervised by staff members and their usage is monitored.