Equality Of Opportunity Policy

The environment we provide is secure and enables children to feel valued. We will treat the children in our care with equal concern and without prejudice to their religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural background, gender, disability, or special needs. The club offers a range of toys, games, activities, and equipment which celebrate different ethnic groups and abilities such as, books, dolls, puzzles, posters/pictures and instruments.

Inclusion is incorporated in our planning as we ensure that cultural festivals are celebrated using a variety of methods and that barriers to participation are removed so that any children can join in.

We promote our services to the selected schools we are in association with and advertise through leaflets, email, Clubland Playscheme Ltd website, and parents’ evenings within the schools. Our admissions system is on a first come first serve basis with priority given to existing siblings and children being placed on a waiting list if there is a lack of availability.

We are an inclusive childcare provision and achieve this through discussions and visits with parents/carers and their 1:1 at school, specific training for staff, lower staff ratio and specialised equipment. The setting is accessible to wheelchair users with ramps to the entrance and access to a disabled toilet and adaptations can be made to layout a range of furniture to accommodate a physical disability. We work closely with the child’s school to ensure continuous care and behaviour management is consistently delivered. Staff are vigilant to ensure no discrimination occurs and work with other children to promote anti-discrimination.


Job vacancies within the club are advertised on our Facebook page, those of local community Facebook pages, local colleges, universities, local schools, and job centres. All applicants are judged fairly and are given a trial period and are subject to references and enhanced Data Barring Scheme (DBS) checks.

Our job descriptions include a commitment to equality and diversity as part of the specifications.

Members of staff act as positive role models by displaying and promoting tolerant and respectful behaviour as well as use of language and attitudes. Any discriminatory behaviour will be challenged.

Clubland Playscheme Ltd is an equal opportunities employer.


We offer flexible payment systems for families of differing means and circumstances.

We work in partnership with parents to ensure that each child’s medical, cultural, and dietary needs are met by having completed registration forms detailing such information signed by the parent/carer.

We value our parent’s opinions and ask them to complete annual evaluation forms on our service to ensure that we continue meeting both theirs and their children’s needs. We also informally chat with the children to ensure we are meeting their rights at the setting.