Healthy Eating Policy

We promote healthy lifestyles by providing healthy and nutritious snacks and offering the children opportunity to partake in physical activity. We aim to only purchase wholemeal bread products and whole wheat cereals with no chocolate or added sugar unless found naturally in honey.

Good table manners are encouraged at snack times as the children sit down at a designated food table and eat together. The staff are able to assist in correct use of cutlery and etiquette.

Fresh drinking water and sugar free squash are readily available for the children, they are accessible to the children and they are encouraged to drink regularly. Milk and diluted orange juice are also available at the breakfast club where applicable.

In addition to a hot/cold snack as soon the children arrive in the afternoon, children also have a selection of fresh fruit and a Cracker/rice cake or biscuit at approx 5pm which gives them enough to keep them going until their supper.

We offer information on healthy lifestyles by providing activities and games based around the subject. Planning the menu with the children provides us with the opportunity to discuss the benefits of healthy food options.

The supervisor and a number of playworkers are trained in Food Hygiene and hold a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid qualification, which are renewed every 3 years for best practice.

Special days

We encourage the children to be introduced to a variety of food by coinciding this with special days in different cultures and religions.

The children’s dietary, religious and medical requirements are always taken into account when preparing food.