Illness & Injury Policy

At least one member of staff on site is trained in 12 hr Paediatric First Aid.

We promote good health and hygiene with the children being encouraged to wash their hands before snack time, preparing food, toileting, sneezing and playing with messy play.

Members of staff keep themselves and the environment clean.

A list of the signs and symptoms of communicable diseases such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, hepatitis, diarrhoea, vomiting, and fevers are displayed clearly for staff to use as a reference.

If a child displays any of the signs and symptoms, then the supervisor will contact the parent/carer using the contact details provided on the registration form. In the meantime the ‘unwell’ child will be removed from the other children and kept comforted by a member of staff.

In the case of an accident or illness where the child needs immediate help and the parent/carer cannot be reached then an ambulance will be called to take child to hospital accompanied by a member of staff and the child’s registration details. It is the supervisor’s judgement as to whether the child needs hospital treatment as they are qualified first aiders. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the parent/carer is contacted.

Parents/carers are asked for ‘permission for emergency treatment’ to be given to their child when they register their child at Clubland.

Staff and children cannot return to Clubland until 48 hours has passed since they last display symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea as they will still be contagious.

Staff and parents are informed about any infectious disease, illness, or case of head-lice in the setting by the supervisor, head office will send out an email, notices are placed by the register and by the entrance. Information will remain general and confidentiality kept.

Staff must wear protective gloves when handling bodily fluids and in the case of any spillages must clean and dispose of any materials used appropriately.


Our first aid box is checked monthly to ensure we have correct quantities and the stock is in date.

The qualified first aider treats any injuries and records it in conjunction with a member of staff who witnessed it. It is then shared with the parent/carer who signs and dates the ‘accident form’ which is filed with the child’s registration forms and the details are entered on a covering sheet to identify any patterns for concern.

Ofsted, LADO: 0300 123 1610 and Department of Health & Safety are informed immediately in the case of a serious accident, illness or death to any child in our care.


Children are supervised when handling any animals and are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly after handling.