Non-Attendance Policy

Parents/carers must inform the supervisor if their child is not going to attend a session on that day, by sending a text message or voicemail to the club site mobile (numbers are on our website under ’locations’ for each club.

If a child informs a member of staff they were not attending the session that day, the member of staff would ask the child to stay at Clubland until they have spoken to their parent/carer. We do not take the word of the child.

If a child is absent when we collect/ or the child does not arrive, within ten minutes, we will speak to the class teacher to see who they have gone home with or to confirm they were absent, if they don’t know, we will contact their parents/guardians. The supervisor will delegate who can call the parent. If we are unable to get through to the parent we will revert back to the school’s policy.

Parents are still charged if a child is absent, we ask parents to let us know if they have a planned holiday but there will not be a price reduction.

Parents will be refunded 50% for missed sessions at Clubland due to emergency closure. If we are open during poor weather conditions and a child is unable to attend they will still be charged.

If you wish to cancel any ‘permanent sessions’ then 6 weeks’ notice in writing is required, preferably via an email. If 6 weeks’ notice is not given you will be charged for the sessions your child would have attended.

If you have booked ad hoc sessions and your child does not attend you will be required to pay for the sessions.