Non-Collection Of Child Policy


Our aim is to ensure that every child who attends Clubland is collected by an appropriate adult who the child feels happy and secure with and who the staff are satisfied that the person is in a condition to care for the child.

When children are first registered with Clubland, we ask parents/guardians to provide details of the child’s personal details such as Child’s name, home address, date of Birth and nominate a collection password. In addition, we ask for the parent/carers contact details and an alternative telephone number of someone who we can contact in the event that the parent/guardian cannot collect.

All of this information is stated on the child’s registration form and filed in a locked cupboard on site. This information is also stored on Clubland’s database which is password protected and only accessed by authorised staff at head office.

Any information told to staff regarding the changes of details to a collection of a child on a temporary basis will be recorded in the diary, for example a child being collected by grandma.

Any information regarding the changes to collection of a child on a permanent basis needs to be given to the supervisor in writing so this can be filed with the child’s registration form and the database updated.

If a child is not collected within 10 minutes of the club advertised closing time, and no contact has been made with the parent/carer, the Supervisor will contact the ‘alternative emergency contact’ nominated by the parents on their child’s registration form. The Supervisor will start the completion of a ‘Non-collection of child record’ form, and contact Karen Fitzwater. However, if after a further 15 minutes the child remains uncollected and we still have not received any communication from the parents/carer the Supervisor will follow the Child Protection Policy and the DSL will contact SPA:

Advice line: 0300 470 9100 Option 1. Then Option 3 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

To Make a referral: 0300 470 9100 Option 1 then Option 2

Out of Hours: 01483-517898

The child must stay with 2 members of staff until the child is collected by a parent/guardian, emergency contact or a social worker.

A full written report will be filed about the non-collection of the child and Ofsted will be informed that social services were called regarding the non-collection of a child.

A late fee of £1 per minute will be payable directly to the Supervisor.