Outings Policy


Clubland is committed to ensure that all outings are conducted with the regard to safety.

When organising an outing we work on a staffing ratio of 1:8 for children under 8 years old and 1:10 for over 8’s.

Prior to the outing the supervisor will complete a risk assessment after completing the outing themselves or obtain a risk assessment form the venue. While carrying out these risk assessments the supervisor will ensure that the venue can cater for the children’s individual needs, for example disabled access to ensure there are no barriers to participation.

Whilst on an outing the children will be issued with reflective jackets and lost label to wear. The supervisor will take with them; children’s personal information inclusive allergies and parents contact details, staff contact details, itinerary, first aid kit, relevant medication, spare clothing and plastic bags. The supervisor will also carry the ‘site’ mobile with them so that they can always be contacted by head office and parents if this is necessary.

If walking the children are to walk in pairs in a crocodile line and have adequate staff supervision complying with the adult child ratio for their age. A Playworker will be at the front of the line, at the back and other staff will be spread along the line, supervising the children at all times.

When crossing the road, the staff will stop the children and form a corridor for the children to walk through.

Children with ‘special needs’ will have a designated Playworker.

Registers will be taken before leaving the setting, on arrival at the outing venue, before leaving the outing venue and on arrival back at the setting.

Throughout the day the supervisor and playworker’s will continuously conduct head counts of the children

When using public transport i.e. trains and buses, where possible, the supervisor will direct the staff to split the larger group into smaller ones for easier boarding of trains and buses. On train platforms the staff will always stand nearer to the track than the children to ensure no child is wondering near to the edge.

If travelling by vehicle we will ensure that the appropriate car insurance, tax and MOT certificates are valid and that the vehicle is fitted with suitable seatbelts, booster seats available, that it complies with the current legislation and that the children’s belts are fastened before we commence our journey. At no point will a child be left unattended in a vehicle.