Risk Assessment Policy

It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to do annual risk assessment of all the areas that Clubland use, as well as fire safety, outings and escorts between schools. This should be reviewed at any point that any changes occur.

This process is to identify hazards which potentially may cause harm to the users and visitors of the site and the risk associated with it. The risk assessment puts a plan into action to reduce or remove the hazards.

A copy of the risk assessment is to be placed in the appropriate file in the management box and/or displayed on the notice board in the Club base.

A daily checklist at the beginning and end of the session is carried out visually to ensure that the Health & Safety of the children is maintained. In addition, staff continuously risk assess the setting throughout the session, giving children support and encouragement to risk assess their own play and behaviour.

Every month the accident folder is reviewed for assessment purposes to see if there are any patterns identified, such as accidents results from certain pieces of equipment or environment that needs attention.

Karen Fitzwater is the nominated Health and Safety Executive for Clubland and is responsible for ensuring that the Supervisor carries out the risk assessments and daily checklists and our Policies and Procedures are in line with current Health and Safety legislation.

Fire Procedures & Risk Assessments

A fire drill is completed each month on various days and times during the session to ensure that the children and staff are familiar with the evacuation process. A mini report of the drill is written to identify any areas of concern and identify how quickly the process took.

A copy of the fire procedures, are located on the wall of the rooms used, together with the registration and insurance certificates which are displayed on the Clubland notice board.

A fire risk assessment is carried out each year by the Supervisor and the school caretaker is the fire warden.

Risk Benefit Analysis

This type of risk assessment is carried out on ‘risky’ play, the purpose of which is to identify if the risks outweigh the benefits of the activity.

The factors to determine whether or not the level of risk is acceptable are:

  • The likelihood of coming to harm
  • The severity of harm
  • The benefits, rewards, or outcomes of the activity.