Settling In Policy


We aim to ensure that all children are made to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in our setting as quickly as possible. This is achieved using various approaches.

  • All parents/carers are provided with a prospectus prior to their child attending and we are available at most ‘new parents’ meetings held at school to discuss any questions/anxieties that a parent may have. All policies and procedures are shared with parents by either accessing our website ( see parent guide) or a hard copy is available on site.
  • Children with parents are welcome to visit the setting prior to starting at Clubland, via an appointment with the manager. It is up to the parent whether they wish for their child to visit on 1 or more occasion. This is totally dependent on what is best for each individual child.
  • Each reception child is appointed a key person who is responsible for their induction of Club, liaising with parents and ensuring they settle in well.
  • The key person appointed to a child, is chosen as a result of matching up the days that the child attends club, personalities, and experience of the member of staff. We evaluate this partnership and if on reflection it is felt that it is not working to the benefit of the child, we will reassess the key person. However, initially the Supervisor/Deputy share this role.
  • Upon receipt of your on-line registration, a welcome letter is sent via email confirming your contract with Clubland. This effectively confirms your child’s sessions, start date, venue, collection process, communication with school/Club/parents, cancellation notice period, payment of fees and the role of Clubland if your child is within the Early Years register. The purpose of this is to ensure that all parties have a clear understanding as to our responsibilities when caring for your child.
  • To ensure a smooth hand over, we would advise that you leave your child quickly after signing them in and saying goodbye. Long drawn out goodbyes only upset the child further and cause you more anguish. Help to prepare your child by:

     -Talking to them about what is going to happen

     - If appropriate attend a holiday club based at their school so that they get to know the environment and make friends

     - Making visits to the club on the day they are due to attend so they can familiarise themselves with the other children and staff.

     - Be clear with your child how many hugs and kisses they are to expect and stick to this, moving boundaries does not help them come to terms with the change in routine.

    Their key person will be there to support you and your child. If they have been upset when you leave, we will call you to give you an update. Some children find it takes them longer to settle, especially the younger ones. It is a new environment and although they may have been at nursery, school is a new place, new faces and friends and sometimes it can become overwhelming as well as emotionally draining. We buddy children up with older children who wish to take on some responsibility, they will support your child by playing games and help them integrate with their peers, with the support of the key person.

    If your child does not settle within 2 weeks, we will re-evaluate the situation and work together to ensure a good outcome for all concerned.