Using Images Of Children Policy

Using images of children

Parents are required to fill in a consent form regarding their child being photographed or videoed for club display, newspapers articles, television, Clubland website or for Quality Assurance purposes. This is in line with the GDPR Act. We will only use photographs of children for promotional purposes if parents/carers have confirmed that we can continue to use the images even if their child no longer attends Clubland.

There is a list of children whose permission is denied that all members of staff should refer to when taking pictures or videos. This list can be found in the front of the registration folder or by the medical details.

All staff are made aware of where the list can be found on induction.

When taking photographs we try to avoid naming the child and vice versa this includes any promotional material such as brochures.

Any photographs of children supplied by a third party are checked for copyright permission if they are to be used in the setting and we need to ensure that the third party has obtained parental permission.

Photographs must be maintained securely for authorised use only and disposed of either by return to the child, parents or shredded.